Tutanes Dental Services: Your Sweet Smile is our Expertise

In the Philippines, there is a famous dental clinic which is geared towards the attainment of an oral and dental health that make use of wisdom, brilliance, integrity and nobility that allow our satisfied and numerous clients to seek a kind of treatment that will perfectly suit their needs and personalities like no other. This is simply named as Tutanes Dental Clinic. 

The Tutanes Dental Clinic dental services can be best described as first rated or world class in its strictest sense. Why is this possible? For 40 years, our competent dentists have remained true to their commitment in giving our clients the most enigmatic smile by conducting the most comprehensive dental diagnostics like CBCT IMAGING and other related dental tests that will finally resolve the different types of dental problem which are medically classified as moderate to severe.

Of course, Tutanes Dental Clinic dental services are undeniably affordable most especially when it comes to our dental braces. Imagine that  you can wear these teeth enhancers for as low as Php10,000?

Also, our clinic offers everyone a unique kind of Pediatric Dentistry that will train, teach and treat the dental problems of your children as if nothing has been extracted from their delicate dental anatomy.

For adults, we offer the most effective teeth whitening treatment that does not discolor through the years.  In the same way, we always provide our clients an extremely hygienic and safe to use dental facilities to ensure their ultimate satisfaction.

At Tutanes  Dental Clinic our dental services are based on the  principles and objectives of the so-called SELFLESS SERVICE to humanity despite of those obstacles that come along the way in terms of budget, location and other psychological dilemmas that go with a holistic dental care.


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