Our Practice 

Tutanes Dental Care has unconditionally devoted its God-given wisdom and unmatched dental expertise in restoring the inherent beauty of your enchanting smile by meticulously using the most unique dental procedures and enhancements that will provide you with a dynamic personality that is truly irresistible inside and out through the years.

High Standards

tdc012When we  speak of these unrivaled standards of dental excellence, this is of course a personalized kind of service. Needless to say, our comprehensive and detailed dental procedures and treatments involve scientific planning as well as the careful utilization and application of restorative and cosmetic dentistry, to attain the peak of an ideal oral/ dental health. In case of emergencies, rest assured that we will be there to save your day.

Education and Prevention

tdc010To ensure that every loyal client of us will get what each one of them deserves, we continuously strive for excellence because we know for a fact that preventive care and a comprehensive education are the keys toward the achievement of an optimum and most envied dental health.

Essentially, thorough dental exams are being conducted by our competent dentists. They carefully check your teeth and gums and they even do X-rays, dental cleaning, flossing whenever these dental procedures are deemed necessary to prevent the occurrence of serious gum diseases in the long run.

Uncompromised Safety

tdc025In our state-of-the art clinics, we  always make sure that infections do not hamper our noble quest for dental excellence. To avoid this, we  try to maintain our dental clinics’ sterilization and cross-contamination processes that are lawfully recommended by the Philippine Dental Association as well as  other dental institutions to make millions of people realize that proper dental care is not just  for those who are experiencing the worst consequences of  poor dental hygiene.

But, this is for all of us who  believe that a KILLER SMILE is a powerful and life-changing asset that can create wonders to your unique self and personality.

Training and Expertise

tdc011Being your friendly dental health professionals for more than 40 years,  Tutanes Dental Care dearly wants  our clients to restore their SELF-CONFIDENCE without a shadow of doubt. On our part, we know by heart  that our extensive trainings and specializations serve as keys to earn a kind of reputation that is worthy of all the recognitions that have been bestowed on us through the years.

Until now, we are still educating ourselves in the field that we know best. Our beacons of dental excellence are courtesy of various dental lectures, meetings, dental conventions to keep our dental professionals abreast of the newest techniques in dentistry and oral care. Our easy to find dental clinics offer the latest products in relation to your dental care and necessities.

Positive Experience

tdc005Overall, Tutanes Dental Care enthuses a positive experience for all our patients and clients across the globe. This is being fruitfully carried out by treating each one of them as unique and social individuals who are pivotal elements to our unprecedented success. We scientifically eliminate anxieties, fears and all other negative emotions that are unhealthy to your overall well-being most especially when visiting our friendly dentist.

Our clinics have a homey atmosphere to make  you feel relaxed and comfortable whenever we discuss your easy or complex dental problems without hesitations. Come and visit us now so that you can instantly have that MILLION DOLLAR SMILE which you can proudly flaunt anywhere you go.